Severe Tornado Damage in Moore, Oklahoma

A huge tornado with a debris field more than 2 miles wide passed from Newcastle, Oklahoma to Moore, south of Oklahoma City.  Meteorologists estimated winds of 180 to 200 miles and hour, possibly even higher. 

Block after block of the city was devastated, including two schools.  One was an elementary school that kept 75 kids in the building because of the approaching storm.  Seven of the children were killed.  Reporters on the scene confirmed that some of the children are being pulled out of that school.  There are reports of injuries, but we don’t know how serious those injuries are.  Students also sheltered inside Moore High School, and so far they haven’t left the building.

As if the tornado damage wasn’t enough, a gas leak as a result of the tornado led to a house fire, but due to all of the other damage and potential injuries, the fire is a low priority.

Moore Regional Hospital has also been heavily damaged.  It’s been evacuated, with crews taking patients to hospitals in nearby cities.  Right now, the death toll is being listed at 37, but that could very well go up in the coming hours.  More than 171,000 people were in the path of the storm.


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