Weight Loss Surgery: Googlechondriac will find Procedure to treat Type 2 Diabetes

type2diabetes2type2diabetesThe math is really pretty easy on this one: Google obesity and diabetes and you’ll notice how the two go hand in hand.

“Definitely a correlation between obesity and diabetes,” Dr. Joel Rodriguez of Barker Bariatric Center in Dallas, TX said. “20% to 30% of our patients are diabetic.”

Dr. Rodriguez said when it comes to weight loss surgery and Type 2 Diabetes the answers are better than ever.

Recent studies show that weight loss surgery does a lot more than just help people lose weight–which is great–but listen to this.

“Blood sugar levels come down immediately,” Dr. Rodriguez said. “In some cases and patients are off their medications.”

You heard right, off medications. Dr. Rodriguez said that in some cases it may take a bit longer but about 90% of the time patients no longer need their diabetes medicine.

Patients have several weight loss surgery options and they’re all effective–but the procedure that works best to treat diabetes is gastric bypass.

“We tailor an operation to a patient’s medical history to their own feelings about risk;” Dr. Rodriguez said. “We cover risks and benefits of each procedure and really tailor that operation to the patients.”

Dr. Rodriguez said researchers aren’t sure why gastric bypass all but eliminates Type 2 Diabetes but it probably has a hormonal impact that increases the body’s ability to use insulin.

Here’s the thing about diabetes–when you eliminate it you also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and high cholesterol.

In some cases after weight loss surgery the patient’s blood sugar level was normal before they left the hospital.

“It’s really rewarding as a physician to see a patient come in on a couple of diabetes medications have those medications taken away literally the day after the surgery,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

Since you like to Google anyway go ahead and search Barker Bariatric Center to learn more about weight loss surgery and diabetes.


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