Volunteers Spend Memorial Day Cleaning Up Granbury

Granbury Tornado VolunteersOn May 15, an EF 4 tornado buzzed a trail of destruction through the Rancho Brazos neighborhood. Nearly two weeks later the need for donations and volunteers remains high.

“I bet it’ll take us a year to rebuild,” said Steve Davidson with the Habitat for Humanity of Hood County.

About 150 volunteered their Memorial Day holiday to help Habitat for Humanity clean up. The tornado tore through nearly 60 homes built by the nonprofit.

“With the holiday, I thought we’d take it off, but it turns out, the holiday’s a great time for everybody else to come out. So, we kept it going,” said Davidson.

Among those volunteers were about 20 construction workers from Fort Worth’s Mountain Top Concrete.

“Most of these people lost a lot. I mean, they lost everything. So, this is just giving a little bit back,” said Cesar Serrato.

Serrato and his crew kept working long after the other volunteers headed home. He said he didn’t want to leave until his job was finished.

“That’s something I think we all need to be doing, helping each other out,” said Serrato.

“It’s gotten better every day as people recover,” said Davidson.

Davidson says he expects they’ll need volunteers to help with cleanup and rebuilds for months… but every home will be rebuilt.

“The one thing I’d like for you to tell these people to do is to pray for us,” said Davidson.

Habitat for Humanity of Hood County will have volunteers out every Wednesday and Saturday, until the cleanup is completed. You can find more information on their website.


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