Breast Cancer or a Cyst? Your Googlechondriac Questions Answered


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: 1 in 8 American women will have invasive breast cancer sometime in her life. Dr. Janna Massar of Texas Health Presbyterian of Plano said the numbers are scary.

“Women get awfully concerned when it comes to their breasts.”

And when it comes to breast cancer there are many questions. First and foremost–is it breast cancer? Dr. Massar said that lump could be a cyst or infection.

“Or you may notice right before you’re cycle when your estrogen levels are high you may have more prominent glandular tissue and it may just feel abnormal to you,” Dr. Massar said. “If you’ve ever had trauma to the breast you can have an area of scar tissue that may be abnormal.”

Dr. Massar added that most women under the age of 35 have lumps and bumps that are normal but still it’s a good idea to play it safe.

“Unfortunately we all know someone who at a young age has had breast cancer and even though the incidence of that is very small you don’t want to take it for granted,” Dr. Massar said. “Get it checked out.”

Dr. Massar said that during routine checkups women will often ask about or point out a lump or bump. “If it’s something that we can wrap up at our level we do it and we do that frequently when women are concerned about something and it turns out to be of no consequence,”Dr. Massar said.

But if you Google ‘lump in the breast’–breast cancer is what you’ll find. Just remember two things: it doesn’t mean it is and call your doctor just to make sure.

“If you find anything that is the slightest abnormal,” Dr. Massar warned. “You need to have it checked out.”


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