Mark Cuban Gives $100K to SMU to Fight NBA Flopping

markcubanThe NBA–full of the biggest, fastest athletes in the world and all too often some of the worst actors. Witness flopping.

“This first play is an example that will be penalized.” The narrator on the video said.

The video shows the small player fighting through a pick and sending the much larger player flying.

As explained by the narrator, impossible.

“However the contact of the player is inconsistent with the grossly embellished fall to the floor.”

It happens all the time in the NBA and that’s apparently why the league issued this “What’s a flop and What’s not” training video for the 2012-2013 season.

Technically–flopping is defined by the as a physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player.

For those who don’t like basketball–let’s take it from the hardwood to the hallway.

Robert and Claire are both heading for the Nightcap coffee pot–at the same time–when all of the sudden the two make contact. Robert is jolted back, he stumbles and falls–looking for a little help.

That is a classic flop–and if Robert was in the NBA he could be fined $5,000.00.

Speaking of money—Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants to understand the dynamics of flopping and is giving SMU biomechanics experts a $100,000.00 grant to see how much contact is needed for a player to really flop.

SMU officials say their findings may lead to video reviews of flopping.

During the regular season the NBA had 24 flopping violations–including five players who flopped again after being warned and got nailed with a $5,000.00 fine.

Flopping five times in the playoffs could lead to a stiffer fine–or suspension.

As for Robert, he’s been warned. Next time he’ll owe Claire a bag of cookies to go along with her coffee.

After all, enough is enough.


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