Plan B: Healthy Dose of Controversy

It’s the polarizing pill that is tough for some to swallow. Plan B, or the morning after pill, will now soon be available over-the-counter – accessible to anyone of any age. So, just how does the pill work and is it safe?
Here are three things you should know: It’s a progestin pill that delays ovulation. Basically, it’s supped-up birth control that crashes the egg-sperm party if taken within 72-hours of unprotected sex.  No, it will not terminate a pregnancy if you are already pregnant. It should only be used as emergency contraception. Although doctors say it’s not harmful, it’s just not a good idea to use it as a primary source of birth control.
“It is not meant to be taken weekly, regularly, monthly. It should be on a very sporadic occasion and infrequently,”Dr. Sheila Chhutani, staff OB/GYN with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas said.
The pill comes with a healthy dose of controversy: two schools of thought surround its availability.
“The purpose of the morning after pill is to quote, ‘prevent an unintended pregnancy.’But how it functions is to prevent a newly conceived human being from implanting and flushing that new life out. So, it is profanation of nature as well,” Executive Director of Catholic Pro-Life Committee Karen Garnett said.
 “We think emergency contraception does a great deal to reduce unintended pregnancy, and we can all agree reducing unintended pregnancies is a good thing,” a representative from Planned Parenthood of Indianapolis said.
Regardless of political opinions, there’s perhaps one universal prescription for treatment.
“I think all women should exercise responsibility and go to their physicians to make sure they are taking control of their reproductive health,” Dr. Chhutani said.

We wanted to see what you had to say about Plan B. So we set up an open mic near the West End.

In April we also wanted to see what you thought about this topic. See what people had to say then.


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