TOP 5: Instant Ways to Keep Your Cool This Summer

Number Five: heat escapes our bodies through our hands, feet and head. Cooling any of those parts will instantly provide relief from the sun’s harsh rays. So, if you’re at a park, don’t be shy – kick off those shoes and splash around.  It worked for Leyla Leal.
 “I still feel the heat, but it’s not as bad as it was when we were just walking around,” Leal said.
Number Four: when it comes to keeping your cool, clothing is everything. Avoid fabrics like polyester and rayon. Remember, linen and cotton is king to beat the heat.
Number Three: it may sound odd, but long sleeves may actually help you stay cooler when you’re in the heat. Just remember to wear loose, light colored fabrics.
“What we want is to keep the sun out of the surface of our bodies,” Dr. Wilfredo Rivera with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas said. “That’s why the long sleeves, the cap, keeping those surfaces covered; helps keep our temperature down, or not getting us as hot.” 
Number Two: try a hint of mint! The cooling effect is refreshing and soothing in the harsh heat.
 “That’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I’ve got my mint and chocolate cookies,” Anthony Green said.  “I’ve known about the cooling effect of mint, at least it gives that cool effect, especially in the mouth anyway.”
Number One: hydrate with plenty of H2O. In fact, The Center for Disease Control recommends increasing your intake to at least two-to-four glasses of cool fluids each hour, if you’re outside for a long time.
“The best thing is keeping yourself well hydrated,” Dr. Rivera said. “Water and Gatorade – those things are going to be the best things.”


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