Steve Harvey helps fatherless boys this Father’s Day weekend

At mentor camp for youth Steve Harvey talks about his mentor… his dad.



Steve Harvey Mentor Camp For Young Men

By Mac Hernandez:

When Jihad Muhammad (Dallas Weekly) and I arrived at the ranch we were escorted by a young volunteer from the Bronx. He was professional courteous and very thankful for us coming out. In fact all the volunteers we met were excited to talk about what they’ve been doing and it’s effect on the youth from across the nation. There was a group dressed up like Buffalo Soldiers who told their history to the teens. One of those soldiers told me how excited he was to see the kids fishing, knowing it was many of their first time. I got to see some of those teens fish and they were very excited. One teen talked to one of the man helping take his fish off the hook ” I bet you love fishing… so far I do”.

From the volunteers to the young boys, to Steve Harvey’s passion, you can see why this camp is important. When asked how men can help, Steve said they have only two needs.. “Men and Money… and if you don’t have money … you’re still a man”  He stressed the importance of showing up, helping out and contributing if you can.


Steve Harvey and Family Feud’s Steve Harvey – the Daytime Emmy nominated host, comedian, top syndicated radio personality (airing locally on 105.7-FM) and best-selling author – is back in Dallas for his 5th annual Father’s Day Weekend, hosting 100 teenage boys who are without fathers for his annual national Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men. A dynamic program created by Harvey to spark the imagination and empower their futures, The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation also hosts a concurrent Parent Program on site.

Boys 13-18 years old chosen via application from metro Dallas and around the country experience mentoring and the great outdoors with Harvey and special guests, incl. sports clinics, fishing and wildlife education, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, empowering sessions on manhood, team building, defying the odds, and more in a refreshing and fun environment to uplift mind, body and spirit, and carve successful futures. Young men from previous Steve Harvey Mentoring Programs will serve as junior counselors to help guide the young men through the week. The Parent Program for mothers and chaperones will include special guests and activities on cooking, health and wellness and more.

Anyone has the power to be a mentor and help guide others in reaching their dreams, and Harvey will welcome entertainment, sports, education, business executives, military and other inspiring leaders, and support from Choice Hotels, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, The Home Depot, State Farm, US Army, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Walgreens Pharmacy and more. For more information, log onto and

Special Thanks to:

Steve Harvey

Dallas Weekly and  Jihad Muhammad.

Amanda Fitzpatrick


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