Top 5: Beat the Heat at the Ballpark

Top 5: Beat the Heat at the BallparkSummer at the ballpark can get downright scorching. The sun doesn’t have to strike-out your plans. We’ve got the Top 5 ways to keep you from turning into a puddle at the park.

Number Five: Sitting in the sun can take a toll, but you can always beat the heat at one of the park’s cooling stations.

“We have this one located at our lower level first aid station. We also have one on our upper concourse in left field by section 308, that’s the part of the ballpark that gets the most intense heat,” Rob Matwick said. Matwick is the Rangers Executive Vice President of Ballpark Operations.

Number Four: Find reprieve from the rays by ducking into the newly built Captain Morgan’s Club. It’s free and open to the park patrons. Here, you can cool down while you down a cold drink.

Number Three: Keep the kids cool inside the Rangers Kid Zone. The interactive play area is now indoors and is a great option for the family.

“Well, tonight we’re in the sun, we have seats in the sun. I may be spending a whole lot of time in here. I may encourage them to come in here,” Rangers fan Heather Randolph joked.

Number Two: Seek shelter in the shade. The ballpark recently created additional shade next to Greene’s Hill.

“Even though it’s outdoor space, we’ve covered that area,” Matwick explained of the recent additions. “The decks are now covered. It provides some shade and sometimes people just need to get out of that direct sunlight.”

Number One: Stay hydrated and go easy with the booze. Alcohol will actually work against you in the heat and could dehydrate you. Your best bet is to alternate between water and beer.


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