Holistic Pediatrician: The Alternative for Parents?

Dr. BainDoctor Deborah Bain has been a pediatrician for 18 years but seven years ago she went holistic with Healthy Kids Pediatrics.

It seemed like the natural thing to do.

“I had adrenal exhaustion,” Dr. Bain recalled. “I had back and neck surgeries, nine to be exact and then I had breast cancer all in my 30′s.”

Doctors told her she was cured but she felt terrible.

“I consider myself a victim of the exact medical system that I have dedicated 18 years of my life to,” Dr. Bain said.

So she integrated holistic care into her Healthy Kids Pediatrics  practice and parents like Taylor Cunningham came running.

Taylor’s son Chase was covered from head to toe with Eczema so she went to a dermatologist who prescribed a topical steroid.

She decided to go to Dr. Bain.

“I think nine times out of ten that is what a doctor is going to prescribe,” Taylor said. “To have a pediatrician like Dr. Bain around is just, she’s a lifesaver.”

Chase was too young to be tested for allergies so Dr. Bain put him on goats milk–his skin improved and then when was old enough to be tested they discovered he was allergic to just about everything.

His diet changed and the eczema quickly disappeared.

“You know,” Taylor recalled. “As a parent you always want that baby-soft skin and it was never like that until he was probably a year-and-a-half old.”

Taylor said garlic oil drops took care of an ear infection and she was so impressed that she earned a holistic health coaching degree and created the integrative nutrition website Healthy Eden.

Dr. Bain said she’s just conservative and cautious about antibiotics and vaccines.

They have their place–but she says so does the alternative.

“It’s just embracing a normal, healthy immune system and coaxing that immune system into staying healthy with no overdoing it.”


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