Street Smarts: 4th of July Facts

Armed with questions pertaining to our history, past events and historical monuments, we headed to the annual 4th of July parade in Arlington. Among the masses gathered to share their spirit and patriotism – we found our willing participants.

Q: “What’s the name of our national anthem?

A: Chris Culton: “Um, the Star Spangled Banner.” (correct)

Arthur Galvan: “The Star Spangled Banner.” (correct)

Chance Cranes: “God Bless America” (wrong)

Q: “Who wrote The Star Spangled Banner?”

A: Arthur Galvan: “Ummm..Carol something?” (wrong)

Yvonne Gonzalez: “Francis Key Scott” (partially right)

Chris Culton: “Francis Scream Scott.” (wrong – Francis Scott Key)

Q: “How many stripes are on the U.S. flag?”

Arthur Galvan: “Stripes? Uh..13?” (correct)

Denise Holloway: “Thirteen!” (correct)

Yvonne Gonzalez: “13!” (correct)

Q: “What do the thirteen stripes represent?”

Denise Holloway: “The original 13 colonies.” (correct)

Arthur Galvan: “Thirteen colonies.” (correct)

Joshua Smith & Yvonne Gonzalez: “The thirteen colonies!” (correct)

 Q: “Where’s Mount Rushmore located?”

Arthur Galvan: “Mount Rushmore? It’s in Wyoming” (wrong)

Yvonne Gonzalez: “I have no idea. Washington?” (wrong)

Chris Culton: “It’s in uh..South Dakota” (correct)

 Q: “What four Presidents are carved on Mount Rushmore?”

A: Arthur Galvan: “Oh, now you got me!” (wrong)

Denise & Blaine Holloway: “Oh! We know this! Ooohhh….Washington, Jefferson…uh…”

Chris Culton: “Uhhh..Lincoln…”(one out of four)

Joshua Smith & Yvonne Gonzalez: “George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, umm…James Adams?” (wrong)

Denise & Blaine Holloway: “We’ve been there! I’ve been there. Lincoln. Ok, that’s three. Can we phone this friend over there?”

Kenneth Lamb: “Isn’t it Roosevelt? Roosevelt!! That’s it!” (correct)

Kenneth lamb: “This is the stuff America is made of!”


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