Walk this Way: 5 Cool Things about the Continental Pedestrian Bridge

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The Continental Street Bridge was conceived by Dallas voters in 1928 and born on April 18th, 1930 when the first drivers were able to motor from downtown Dallas to West Dallas.

“Take a good look at the Continental Bridge because after this weekend it will never look the same.”


The bridge will soon become a pedestrian walkway-park from the newly renamed Riverfront Boulevard to the other side of the Trinity River.

Here is where it gets interesting–the walkway will eventually be a walker’s paradise.

The bridge will be lined with shade trees and shade structures which will come in handy on a day like today. Hot.


The Continental Bridge runs right next to the sparkling new Calatrava Bridge. The Continental Bridge will cost in the neighborhood of 8 million dollars with the Trinity Trust funding the project.


What do you get for 8 million dollars? Meandering pathways through bocce ball courts, chess tables and even a meditation plaza.


Back to the here and now–the Continental Bridge will close to traffic on Monday morning and is expected to re-open to foot traffic in eleven months.

And in May, 2014 it will start to look something like this. Grab your walking shoes.


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