Working Warriors Rejoice, You’re Not Alone!

Oh, the irony! On a day when most are still basking in the benefit of a four-day holiday weekend, there are many others keeping the city, and its many businesses, working.

“I had a court hearing, so I had to come in,” attorney Toby Shook said.

“We had our day yesterday and it was nice to come into work today,” retail sales employee Kimberly Moore said.

“It’s right after the Fourth of July and I’m working,” dedicated valet driver Caleb Nicholas said. “It’s too hot outside and I’m still out here.”

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, Americans work an average of 49-hours a week. That’s about 350 more work hours a year than most Europeans.

We caught up with some hard working men and women to upload details on their “workaholic” status.

When Moore was asked if she frequently worked through her lunch hours she responded, “Not every day, but a lot of times I come back early from lunch.”

Software developer Leonard Williams confessed he finds himself thinking about work, even when he’s not in the office.

“I’m a programmer,” Williams explained. “Sometimes if I can’t get a problem resolved, it’s in my head. I have to find a solution.”

Shook is a self-proclaimed workaholic, and proud of it.

“Oh, definitely,” Shook said with confidence. “I’m one of those guys that has to get up and go to work, I don’t feel comfortable just hanging out at the house. Believe me, my wife complains a lot about that.”

So, on a day reserved for those who forego their lunches, vacations and even sick days for the love of their job – this special day honors you.

The question is – how do these workaholics plan to celebrate their designated day?

“Go back to work,” Moore said jokingly.

“I’m celebrating it over here working,” Nicholas said.

“That’s how we relax – we work some more,” Shook said.

Spoken like true workaholics.


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