Taste of Dallas: Around the World in Five Stops.

taste of dallas

Number Five: French Food

“It’s something that you don’t normally eat every day and it’s just a different flavor,” La Madeleine catering expert Jeri Daitch said with a smile. “Merci beaucoup. Bon appetit.”

Number Four. Japanese Food.

“Tonight we have jumbled up crab with a Tahitian vanilla bean dressing, micro cilantro and some baby heirloom tomatoes,” Kenichi executive chef Bodhi Durant said.” “I always think about the beach when I’m having this.  It’s quite good.”

Number Three. Italian Food.

“It’s the sauce, it’s all about the sauce and you’ve got delicious food,” Nia Segi of Bellavita Italian Restaurant said while pulling the lid from a steaming pot. “We’ve got Italian meatballs with marinara sauce here and then we’re also serving Italian sausage and meatballs. It’s the sauce. It’s all about the sauce.”

Number Two. Mexican Food

“My favorite Mexican food would be enchiladas,” Jay Kahn of RJ Mexican Cuisine said while spooning something tasty. “It’s a very hearty and handy food especially what we’re doing here today with the gazpachos which is fresh vegetables, cold soup, it has jicama, it has avocadoes, it has tomatoes. Nothing but great vegetables.”

Number One. Steak.

“It’s such a Texas thing first of all,” Ronald Von Hatten of SFT Steakhouse said. “I mean everybody in Texas loves steaks. It’s the number one requested item when people come to Dallas through the conventions. Today we have ranch bean, a meatless ranch bean, guajillo peppers, roasted jalapenos, garlic chalets.”

Or as they say in France. Merci beaucoup. Bon appetit.

Taste of Dallas runs through Sunday, July 14th at Fair Park in Dallas.


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