Dallas Boat Expo: People Wading back into Owning Boats

boatThe lure of the lake–good times. But in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis boat sales took a dive.

High unemployment and tight credit left boat sales high and dry.

United Boat Dealers of North Texas Executive Director Bron Beal said the credit crunch hurt the most.

“Initially when the fiasco hit and the new regulations came out luxury items got just not only hampered but just got removed,” Mr. Beal said.

But the good times are back. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association powerboat sales jumped 10% in 2012 with another 5% jump expected this year.

The Wafer family is browsing the DFW Boat Expo where they have 450 vessels to choose from.

They want to upgrade from jet skis to something with a little more room–a pontoon boat.

“They can swim; they are good swimmers you know,” Lisa Wafer said. “Just family time, I think that is the biggest thing.”

Pontoon boats, fishing boats and speed boats. Take a right at the neon palm and the neighborhood gets pretty ritzy.

Now for a quick tour of the $1.3 million yacht.

“Down here we have the VIP suite,” Our guide said.  “The master helm right here integrated living room right here, kitchen right here. Downstairs (yes, he said downstairs) we have the master suite complete with 55 inch TV and full entertainment center.”

But this weekend–it’s yours for $990,000.00.

The Wafer family is thinking smaller and at first worried about low lake levels.

“Yea,” Lisa said. “We thought about it but we live out near Joe Pool Lake which seems to be pretty good most of the time.”

It does look like clear sailing at Joe Pool Lake which is just over a foot below normal.

Now, about that pontoon boat for the Wafer family. Break out the credit card because the kids have minds on something specific.

“A  big one,” One daughter said with a grin.


1 Comment to “Dallas Boat Expo: People Wading back into Owning Boats”

    Sam said:
    July 23, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    This is great news, just as I am looking into boat ownership also. Found this long ass post about owning different boats… and the knock on insurance effects for boat owners.

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