Pretty in Pink: Mary Kay Convention by The Numbers

Mary Kay CadillacFor the next two weeks, 50-thousand Mary Kay consultants will be in Dallas, and they’ve packed more than their cosmetics. It’s estimated the annual convention will generate 50-million dollars for the city. We’re breaking down the convention by the numbers.

They’re a rare find in the stunning sea of the made-up faces. Of those in attendance, just four-thousand are men, most are husbands on hand to lend their support.

Try walking a mile in stylish stilettos. In fact, try walking 250-thousand! That’s the number of miles these Mary Kay mavens will hike in heels over the course of the convention.

The convention assembly rivals any full-scale production in Hollywood. The lights, the awards, and the action – it all plays out on the main stage, which took two weeks to set-up.

“This is where we celebrate and honor all of the achievements from our sales force,” Luz Angelica Monohan said. She’s the sales development director for the Latina market. “Tonight, we’re going to give away six-million dollars in prizes.”

Sequins are the accessory of choice for these classy consultants. We spotted easily over 100-thousand striking shimmery gems adoring their formal attire; from floor-length gowns, to ruffles and sleek silhouettes.

“We love dressing up. We’re here to dress up, party have fun and celebrate our last year and 50-years of Mary Kay,” attendee Vicki Paul said.

What’s a party without fun favors? Eight thousand light-up diamond rings were given to the ladies and added a little extra sparkle to the assembly.

“Mary Kay used to say that diamonds are the girl’s best friends,” Monohan joked.

It’s the most iconic symbol of the Mary Kay consultant’s success – the pink Cadillac. One sat buffed, polished and on display at the convention, but 13-hundred of the colorful cars currently roll on the roads across America.


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