Logo Showdown between Woodrow Wilson HS and the Arizona Wildcats

woodrow2arizonaHistoric Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, TX recently got into a logo scrap that could only happen in lawyer happy modern day U.S.A.

Here’s the problem: the Wildcats logo on your left–looks a little bit too much like the Arizona Wildcats logo on your right.

An attorney representing the Collegiate Licensing Company reportedly sent the school a letter which basically stated the logo will hurt the University of Arizona and its Wildcat marketing efforts.

After some back and forth—DISD and the U of A agreed to phase out the Wildcat. In two years it will be gone from pretty much everything at Woodrow.

The NCAA has taken on high schools before–the Florida State Seminole’s didn’t like their spear design used by a couple of Atlanta area schools.

FSU reportedly agreed to let the schools use the Seminole name but the famous spear and Seminole head had to go.

A high school in Painesville, OH got the same treatment from the Oregon State Beavers. This is what the Oregon State Beavers logo looks like and this is what the High School Beavers logo looks like now. Very different.

As it turns out Woodrow Wilson High earned a small victory over the much larger University of Arizona Wildcats.

Woodrow reportedly gets to keep the tiled logo in the main hallway because the building is a designated historic site.

But what about the Woodrow “W”? We noticed it looks a lot like the University of Wisconsin “W”.

Hmmm. Hope it doesn’t hurt the Badgers marketing campaign.


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