You Won! …just kidding. The Jamaican Lottery Scam


Everybody wants to win money, and, especially a lot of money. You get a call from someone who says you’ve won the lottery. $2million dollars. You didn’t enter, but after you hear that number, you might not be thinking clearly.

If you didn’t enter to win a sweepstakes or a lottery, you didn’t win it.

“So many people enter to win different things, they think, ‘oh, this is something I entered,’ or just, ‘this is my lucky day,’ but they’re not really a winner,” said Jeannette Kopko with the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

The scammer will tell you you can get your money after you pay the taxes on it. It’ll come out to a few thousand dollars, and you’ll need to pay by wiring the money or sending it on a pre-paid debit card.

“Of course, there is no prize. If you send the money, you get nothing,” said Kopko.

If you actually won the lottery, you wouldn’t have to pay any money to collect your winnings.

It’s called the ‘Jamaican Lottery Scam’  because a lot of times these calls come from  numbers from Jamaica, but they could be coming from anywhere.


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