JFK Files Still Sealed

With the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination nearly 3-months away and the public is thirsting for more information about the monumental incident that take took place here in Dallas.  According to reports, thousands of documents detailing the investigation are still sealed.  And it’s not just conspiracy theorists asking to see them.  Researchers feel a lot of mysteries could be un-raveled if they were able to dig deeper into the assassination.   A poll released earlier this year, found a majority of Americans believe there was a cover-up and the accused shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone.

Meanwhile, Dealey Plaza will be a hub of activity in November.  City officials recently reported that they received nearly 14,000 ticket requests for the Kennedy Memorial Ceremony.  But, only 5,000 will be granted to the media and general public.  The city says those who are selected for the tickets will have to pick them up on the day of the event.


1 Comment to “JFK Files Still Sealed”

    Gerry Segal said:
    August 19, 2013 at 9:18 PM

    John . F. Kennedy's assassination happened 50 years ago and a majority of Americans do not believe The Warren Commission Report. After 50 years of denials, free the files.

    "Sunny Day in Dallas" – Gerry Segal http://youtube/mRH7qTLzxvU

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