Senator Ted Cruz: American, Canadian and President?

Ted Cruz


Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator from Texas is a citizen of the world–or at least two countries.

The Senator’s birth certificate which he released to the Dallas Morning News shows he was born in Calgary, Alberta to Rafael Cruz and Eleanor Wilson–an American born in Wilmington, Delaware making newborn Rafael Edward Cruz a citizen of both countries.


The Constitution lists just three qualifications for the presidency. The President must be 35 years old, be a natural born citizen and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

The Constitution makes no mention dual citizenship which for detractors may leave for debate.


Senator Cruz is a Tea Party favorite and some party members gave President Obama a hard time claiming that he wasn’t born in the United States; an issue that Obama clearly overcame.


Senator Cruz is on record as saying that being born an American citizen qualifies him to become Commander in Chief.

His dual citizenship is an issue that may gather steam; Cruz is expected to be in New Hampshire this week and has already been to Iowa. Both are early voting states.


Cruz could make things simple and give up his Canadian citizenship and if he decides to run he may face many of the citizenship questions that then senator Obama did when he ran for the oval office in 2008.

If Cruz won he’d make history just like President Obama by becoming the first Hispanic president in American history—that was also born in Canada.


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