Lawn vs Lake Watering Tips

Water Wise Garden: Xeriscaping can look like Art

water wise garden 1

Water conservation doesn’t have to be an ugly sight.

Brad Boling, and his partner Curtis Fesser, turned their yard into a work of art.

“Our front yard was inspired by trips to London, Seattle, San Diego,” said Boling. “[Fessser] did all the artwork on the garage and on the side of the house.”

The couple moved in fifteen years ago, to a pretty common sight.

“This all used to be fescue, all lawn,” said Boling, showing off his front yard garden.

One look, and you’ll realize Boling and Fesser don’t do common. So, they got rid of the grass.

“We dug it out ourselves and did all the path-work and all the concrete ourselves as well,” said Boling.

They didn’t just do it because it looks good. It’s also conserving.

“We just wanted to conserve water. We were watering almost daily,” said Boling. “We water, maybe, if it doesn’t rain at all during the summer, maybe twice a week at the most. If not once a week.”

In 2013, the city of Dallas added the home to its “Water-Wise” Garden tour, which features Dallas landscapes that are built to conserve.

Now, the couple’s hard work is becoming an inspiration to the community.


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