Whooping Cough: Texas on Track for Highest Number of Cases in 5 Decades

whooping cough3

The 1940’s

When you talk about whooping cough you have to go way back—all the way back to the mid 1940′s when Harry S. Truman was president and Texas had more than 20,000 cases of whooping cough.


Fast forward to the end of the decade when Truman is still president but a new vaccine was introduced and it practically wiped out whooping cough.


When JFK was president and Walter Cronkite was America’s anchorman. Think about how long ago that was and now consider this: Texas is on pace to have the most whooping cough cases since TV was in black and white.

The most recent numbers in the Lone Star State show nearly 1,700 cases.

Why the jump? Some health experts say the bacteria is evolving–mutating and making vaccines less effective and more parents are refusing to vaccinate their kids.


At the end of 2012 only 84% of Arkansas parents had their kids immunized. 85% in Colorado and 89% in Idaho.

Texas had the second highest compliance rate at 99.3%.


According the Texas Department of State Health Services so far this year whooping cough has killed two children–both too young to be vaccinated.


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