Redneck Heaven Becomes a Reality… Show

Redneck Heaven is Mtv’s devils playground.The North Texas ‘breastaurant,’ Redneck Heaven, is now a reality show. “Big Tip Texas” will air this fall on MTV. A thirty second promotional spot advertising the fall show aired Sunday night during the network’s highly viewed Video Music Awards.

The restaurant chain has locations in three cities: Fort Worth, Lewisville and Arlington. Just last month, the Lewisville location was at the center of debate because its staff sported nothing more than body paint. Now, it appears the girls are ready to show the country more than just their boots and bikinis.

The popular bar and grill is best known for its bikini clad staff that dishes out unique southern hospitality. But starting this fall, Redneck Heaven will be the devil’s playground.

“I love my redneck girls,” can be heard during a promotional video advertising the show on MTV’s website.

The restaurant and its girls are set to be the latest offerings on the music network’s neverending buffet of sensory indulgence.

“Looks like a great show, family show I’d say,” Andrew Hajek said.

So, on the Miley Cyrus sliding scale of ‘crazy,’ we wanted to know, where does “Big Tip Texas” fall?

Having MTV base a reality show off the restaurant – crazy, not crazy?”

“Not crazy. I mean, it seems like a great restaurant to base this off of, it’s entertaining,” Riah Forbes said.

“I think not crazy – it looks interesting enough you have girls in bikinis,” Hajek.

Having this show be a reflection of North Texas?

“Probably crazy,” Hajek said. “I don’t think it’s a very good reflection of North Texas.”

“Umm…a little crazy, yeah,” Aaron Zarraga said.

“That seems a little crazy to me. That’s not the stereotype I associate with Texas,” Forbes added.

Getting your bikini in a wad because the show will air on MTV?

“Not crazy. If there’s any home for a show like that – it’s probably MTV,” Hajek said.

“Not crazy. I think MTV is probably the perfect place for a show like that,” Zarraga concluded.

Stereotyping people form the south, remember ‘Buck Wild?’

“Not crazy. I think it’s good. You gotta have an identity,” Hajek quipped.

“Not crazy. People have always done it, people will still do it,” Zarraga said.

“Maybe crazy to stereotype them that way; not crazy to stereotype in general,” Forbes added. “Everywhere has stereotypes.”

So saddle up, North Texas! This restaurant is serving up Heaven with a heapin’ side of Hades.

We called Redneck Heaven’s corporate office in Irving for comment. Nightcap’s calls were not returned.


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