Teen’s Drowning Leaves Legacy To Help Others: Honor Connor

Teen’s Drowning Leaves Legacy to help others: Honor ConnorDana Gage and family have gone from a happy family of four to a broken family of three. Last Labor Day, their beloved son Connor went out to the lake with friends; this would be the last time Dana sees her son. As she told me on the phone, before the interview, if she knew the next few days would be her last time with Connor she may have done things differently. And that is her message to other families. She wants mothers and friends to imagine life without their loved ones, and do something to keep them safe. In Connor’s honor, the Gage family started the LV project.

Connor Main

She says LV to them means life vest. Not just the vest to protect you in the water but the important things in life that keep you buoyant and afloat in general.


There is a lot the Gage’s are doing to honor Connor. Find out more about the Gage’s Story, Connor and the LV Project at

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