3 Films and 3 Filmmakers to Check Out This Holiday

Many are rushing out to the theaters this week and Hollywood is hoping they’ll pick their high dollar production to spend their money on.

We wanted to hear from three very different filmmakers vying for your box office dollars. One documentary, one drama, and one comedy.

One-Direction-movie-poster-1840689 First up we sat down with Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, Inside Man on CNN) and talked to him about what it means to be a director on the new One Direction documentary. Many people know what a director on a narrative feature film does, but what does a documentary filmmaker do?
uptown-the-butler-poster Lee Daniels’ The Butler is getting much praise and a big office draw. He talks a little bit about the casting in this film. Lee Daniels is best for known for producing Monsters Ball and directing Precious.
instructPoster He’s not as well known in the states but in Mexico and Spanish Television he’s a huge star, often referred to as the Jim Carrey of Mexico. Euginio Derbez Stars and Directs Instructions Not Included.


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