Don’t Get Scammed into a Fake “Rise to Fame”

talent agent scam 2You’ve maybe heard these on the radio before…

“Have you ever thought about being a model or an actor?”

Turns out, these businesses aren’t actually talent agencies, they’re a talent service.

“They claim this is going to get you exposure, it’s going to get you work, but they’re not a model or talent agency that can actually find work for you,” said Jeannette Kopko with the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

You’ll have to pay for headshots, maybe some training, or maybe the ‘opportunity’ to go to an expo. The whole idea is supposed to help you get your foot in the door.

“Only a model agency can actually negotiate with a company to find work for you. They don’t take money up front,” said Kopko.

If you sign up with a legitimate modeling agency, it won’t charge you to get this stuff done. Once you get the work, then they take a percent of what you earn.

“It may work out, but the chances are really pretty slim,” said Kopko. “It’s questionable, in many cases, whether this exposure really goes to the people who would be making hiring decisions,” said Kopko.

If you’re wanting to get into acting or modeling, contact and actual talent agency to see what it recommends.


1 Comment to “Don’t Get Scammed into a Fake “Rise to Fame””

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