Attack in Kenya: American Survivor Stories and Dramatic Video

The government of Kenya is still working to end the attack at a mall in Nairobi.  The unnarrated video above from AFP shows troops trying to take control.  Kenyan authorities say they have arrested more than 10 people for questioning and killed three terrorists.

At least 62 people were killed in the attack on Saturday morning.

As we learn more about the attacks, we’re also hearing dramatic stories from survivors, including Americans.

Elaine Dang, 26, of San Diego, was working in Kenya, and was injured in the attack.   Her main concern, shared in this video from KTLA Monday morning, is the impact of the attack on Kenya’s image.

A North Carolina woman took cover inside a store when the attacks began.

Government troops have rescued more than 200 people from the Westgate mall.  It’s not clear whether any hostages remain inside the mall.   Troops plan to continue sweeping the complex on Tuesday.

A reporter for China’s CCTV was inside the mall when the attacks broke out and recorded this video:

Others recorded the incident on cell phone cameras.

More unnarrated video from AFP helps set the scene shortly after the attacks began.


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