Medical Equipment Scam Call Leads to Expensive Service Fees

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You get a “robocall” and it says something like, “We’ve received your request for a medical alert system.” It’ll claim either your doctor or your family member paid for it and all you need to do is submit your bank account information.

“They get you a little off-base by thinking that your family has authorized this. So, you  go along and you just think you’re giving your address. Before you know it, you’ve given information that you really shouldn’t give to someone who just calls you out of the blue,” said Jeannette Kopko of the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

So, you end up getting a device that you think you need and not realize that you’re actually also signing up for a service that will charge you every month.

If you think it might be one of these scam calls, don’t give them any personal information. Just get their business information and check it out with your doctor.

“Get the business name and then, independently, look up the phone number for that business and call them and find out, ‘Was this offer from you? What’s it all about?’ Then, decide if you want it,” said Kopko.

This is a very carefully-worded pitch. The organization may not, technically, be doing anything illegal. However, it’d certainly not good business practice.


2 Comments to “Medical Equipment Scam Call Leads to Expensive Service Fees”

    yvonne said:
    September 24, 2013 at 8:56 AM

    Thanks for the heads up! I agree with the author. If anybody gets a suspicious call, he should take down the caller's information and report it to the FTC to shut the scam down and to to raise a warning.

    Leap Marketing said:
    September 25, 2013 at 5:19 AM

    Informative post shared which help many of the people to avoid to become victim of such situation

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