Top 10 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts of the Past

The Neiman Marcus Christmas book is out, and the fantasy gifts are, once again, pretty fantastic. In 2013, the headline-grabber is a $1,850,000 diamond. Of course, that’s cool and all, but we’ve seen diamonds before.

I had the opportunity Tuesday to look through some of the Neiman Marcus Christmas books of the past. Oh my gosh, there have always been jaw-dropping gifts in those books. Here are my top 10:

Neiman Marcus Fabulous 1

10) 1985: Pair of Yellow Diamonds — $2,000,000

You gotta start a Nieman Marcus list with jewels. In 1985, the “His & Hers” gift in the catalog was two yellow diamonds. One was a 56-carat starburst cut, and one was a 29-carat princess cut.
“Become a legend in your own time.”

Neiman Marcus Fabulous 2
9) 1963: MiniSub Mark VII — $18,700

The catalog called it “The Ultimate in Togetherness.” The submarine was designed to carry two people, and cruise at 3 to 7.3 miles per hour.

Neiman Marcus Fabulous 3
8) 1986: Bubble Boat — $80,000

This is what went for “spage-age” in 1986. According to the description, it was “a witty and humanistic art phenomenon.” It was created by Eric Staller.

Neiman Marcus Fabulous 4
7) 1990: Napoleon Bonaparte’s Glasses — $90,000

These might have been one of the last pairs of glasses worn by the French military and political leader.
Neiman Marcus Fabulous 5

6) 1969: Baby Elephant from Thailand — $5,000

Who hasn’t always wanted a baby elephant? It comes with an assurance of “long-term, very stable growth.”

Neiman Marcus Fabulous 6
5) 1981: ComRo 1 Robot — $17,500

“What’s better than a third hand, more fun than computer games, gives the word portable a new meaning, was born to serve, and will do almost anything you want without demanding a day off? ComRo 1, the Domestic Robot System, by Ultimation, Inc. exclusively for Neiman-Marcus.” Okay, now I want one.
Neiman Marcus Fabulous 7
4) 1974: N-M Mouse Ranch — $3,500

It was sold as “the possible fulfillment of your childhood dream, and a paradise for mice.”  The stocking and breeding was up to you.

Neiman Marcus Fabulous 8

3) 1971: The Fortress of the Freeway — $845,300

The tank/vehicle was sold as a one-of-a kind “Total Transportation Security Environment.” It came with retractable tires, tank-tracks, radar, and an infrared scanning camera. There were payment plans available.
Neiman Marcus Fabulous 9
2) 1970: Noah’s Ark — $588,247 (est.)

“Our Noah’s Ark, updated and refined, is guaranteed to be more comfortable than the original, albeit not as capacious.” Offered room for eight passengers, and two of each animal species (endangered species given first priority).
Neiman Marcus Fabulous 10
1) 1956: Stuffed Tiger Covered in Jewels — $1,000,000 (adjusted for inflation, that’s $8.6 million today)

A stuffed tiger covered in diamonds, emeralds, and rubies from the Nieman Marcus precious jewels shop.
“Tigers guaranteed to be friendly by the Neiman-Marcus Toy Shop.”


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