Trinity Groves Transforming West Dallas

Dallas’ newest hot-spot is starting to come together. Trinity Groves is the 15-acre retail and restaurant district that’s ready to welcome guests on the other side of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in west Dallas. A handful of restaurants are already open, and more are set to follow.

Just a stone’s throw from the heart of downtown Dallas, the newly developed Trinity Groves is redeveloping the way you think about west Dallas.

“This area used to be a no man’s land,” Groves patron Jose Cifuentes said. “After a certain time, you wouldn’t come here after dark. It’s slowly making the city much more of a viable place to live, with a lot more places to come and see.”

trinity groves 1Abandoned warehouses and desolate streets have been transformed into trendy spots for dining and shopping.

“It’s going through a transition period where there’s several new restaurants opening that are one of a kind, unique restaurants created by young entrepreneurs,” Trinity Groves spokeswoman Erin Murphy said.

LUCK, Souk, Casa Rubia, The Workroom, Four Corners Brewery, Hofmann Hots:  every business here has one thing in common – they’re all locally owned and operated and each has a very specific point of view.

“We’re kind of like the pioneers of what’s going on over here in Trinity Groves,” Kitchen LTO Chef Norman Grimm said.

Kitchen LTO, or limited time only, is taking a unique approach to the idea of new menu options.

“We have constant rotating chefs, every four months a new chef will be voted in and maybe a transition,” Chef Grimm said. “It’s the first one that’s been done like this; there’s a lot of potential for all the chefs that come in.”

The restaurant is among others that have moved-in, ready to welcome new crowds who are hungry for something different on the other side of the bridge.

“You’re seeing the evolution of something that’s never been done in Dallas, especially in west Dallas where most people have never imagined that such a development would have occurred,” Rudy Rodriguez with Hofmann Hots said.

trinity groves 3“I think [Trinity Groves] says Dallas is a city that’s willing to give entrepreneurs opportunities in a time right now when the economy is very uncertain,” Murphy added.

“It was tagged as ‘the bridge to nowhere’ and no it’s literally going somewhere; they’re making it a destination.”


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