Eczema: Googlchondriac Scratches beneath the Surface for Answers

Jenna armThere’s nothing worse than skin that won’t stop itching. Go ahead and Google eczema and you’ll find symptoms which include red, dry, itchy, cracked skin.

Just because you have those symptoms doesn’t mean you have eczema.

Dr. Jane Sadler of Baylor Family Medical Center in north Garland said skin conditions can be deceiving.

“Eczema can easily be confused with other problems such as poison ivy;” Dr. Sadler said. “It can be confused with psoriasis and other skin disorders.”

When it comes to eczema there are lots of questions including what causes it?

Dr. Sadler said eczema often runs in families and is common in children.

What triggers eczema: heat and sweat, cold, dry climates. Sounds just like north Texas.

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“People who have eczema do tend to have allergies due to certain environmental changes in the weather and poling and dust and they’re also at more risk for asthma.”

Basically, eczema is the inability of the skin to maintain moisture–so it becomes red, cracked and dry.

If you do have eczema, Dr. Sadler said this is very important.

“If you think you have eczema first of all resist the urge to scratch,” Dr. Sadler advised. “Try some oral Benadryl or other antihistamines. You may also try topical hydrocortisone treatments.”

Dr. Sadler said eczema can often be managed at home with over-the-counter therapies and adds that in many cases children with eczema outgrow it before they become adults–but on the flip-side they’re at a higher risk of developing other conditions including hay fever and asthma.

Bottom line; if you do have eczema you have options–and if those over-the-counter remedies don’t work.

Well, you know the drill.

“If the rash persists or doesn’t get better or gets worse,” Dr. Sadler said. “It’s time to see your doctor.”


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