Mommy Reboot

What’s So Great About the Latest Baby Carriers?

mommy rebootWe women have been carrying children since… forever. But the way we’re carrying them has changed, as in: It’s actually become a little easier!

Just look at the newest Baby Bjorn carrier, which you can use from newborns up to 3 years! What I absolutely love about this carrier is that you can put this on while you’re by yourself – so no extra hands needed. There are four different carrying positions, with your baby facing you or the street, or on your back when he’s older.

Then, there’s the beautiful and discrete “je porte mon bebe” – it’s French, but I think you already guessed that ;). It’s a small, modern baby wrap without a knot. You can literally take this anywhere and even discretely nurse your baby. It has two sides with different colors — so you can switch it out, depending on your outfit or mood!

The Lodger carrier is amazing, look at this: You can use it as a baby sling, a hip carrier when they’re a bit older, and also in the car seat! So if your child falls asleep, you don’t have to wake him up before you place him in the car.

If only I would have known about these when Liam was a baby!


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