Flu Fighters Prevent Illness With Shot

It`s not even winter, and the dreaded flu has arrived. Flu-related symptoms already killed an older man in Dallas County. Now, the push is on to make sure everyone gets vaccinated.

flu fighter 3In the fight against the flu, it is your best line of defense – a flu shot.

“You never know what’s going around and a lot of people’s immune systems are not that strong,” Tanya Miller said.

“It’s very early in the season and winter really hasn’t gotten here yet. So, yes, get your flu shot,” Cheryl Taylor added.

Together, Miller and Taylor are ‘flu fighters’ and they’re not taking chances. They were at the Dallas County Health and Human Services Tuesday afternoon, arming themselves with the one sure way to battle the bug this season.

The flu season just started, but has already been deadly. All the more reason, the Dallas County Health Department is urging everyone not to waste time and strengthen their immunity with a shot. To increase protection, free flu shots are now available for those without insurance in the Dallas County area.

“It’s very alarming to have a flu death this early, but it’s also a reminder of how deadly the flu virus is,” DCHHS Director Zach Thompson said. “We have to be very protective in terms of how we go thru this type of season.”

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The menacing flu is challenging and unpredictable, and the government shutdown is weakening the efforts to track its path.

flu fighter 1“Right now, if you go to the CDC website, you cannot access any flu surveillance data in the United States,” Thompson said. “That puts us all at a disadvantage because we don’t know where the trends are.”

“I don’t want to get sick, for one thing,” Taylor said of getting her flu shot. “Another thing is I’m a 10-year survivor of breast cancer and I want to protect myself and I’m very responsible and concerned.”

So, think of inoculations as the virus’s Kryptonite, and your best shot at surviving the flu this season.

“By getting the flu shot, not only are you protecting yourself, you’re protecting those around you.”


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