Anatomy of a Horror Film

What makes a good horror movie? Why do we like them? I asked various people in the industry their take on horror films.

Julianne-Moore (7) First up is Julianne Moore and Judy Greer, who star in the newest Carrie movie. Judy loves to be scared, and enjoys the adrenaline from it. Julianne feels the audience wants something that is in the realm of reality, and that we ultimately go to see scary movies to feel something.

carrie-posterKimberly Peirce, director of the new Carrie movie, even chimed in on why scary movies are so fun…especially when watching with friends.

Hear about the newest Carrie Movie here.

Go to the Carrie Website Click here.

Carrie is in theaters now.

we-are-what-we-are-2013-posterJim Mickle, director of the indie horror movie “We Are What We Are”, talked about how it’s important to let the audience  get to know the characters, so we care what happens with them. To hear more about We are What we are getting into Sundance click here.

Film critic and radio personality, Matt Mungle (with the, talks about the importance of iconic characters that carry into our imaginations, past the film.


We wanted to know your top horror films and you told us.



  1. Exorcist
  2. Halloween
  3. It


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