Uber Investigation Documents Released

As promised, Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings has released the report into the Uber investigation. The report details how the item intended to shut down the app-ordered car service got on the City Council’s agenda in August. It places the blame on interim city manager A.C. Gonzalez.

The report shows some other objectives into the Uber investigation, including: Were the vice officers appropriate for getting the Dallas Police Department involved? And did any unethical or illegal actions take place?

Uber Investigation Part 1

Uber Investigation Part 2

It also appears the City of Dallas has dropped 61 charges against 31 Uber drivers for operating without the city’s approval, among other things. Along with the release of the documents, a press conference was held Wednesday.

“First and most importantly, I did not hear of or discover any potential illegal or unethical activity that should be investigated further. I believe several wrong decisions and bad judgments were mad throughout the process,” Mayor Rawlings said.


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