5 Highest-Yielding Items in JFK Memorabilia Auction

JFK auction

Rings and automobiles were the big sellers at Thursday’s President John F. Kennedy memorabilia auction near Boston, Mass. It was one of the largest collections ever up for auction.

Of the 287 items auctioned, these five items got the highest prices*:

lee harvey oswald marine score book

5. Lee Harvey Oswald’s US Marine Corps Rifle Score Book – $54,000

The score book, from 1956, shows Oswald had a high skill level in marksmanship. However, he was known to lie about his abilities.

jfk official mourning flag

5. Official mourning flag – flown above the White House on November 22 – $54,000

The flag flew over the White House from November 19, 1963 to December 8, 1963. November 22, it was lowered to half-staff.

john f kennedy presidential ring

4. John F. Kennedy’s 18k Gold Presidential Ring – $90,000

The ring was a gift to JFK from his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy. The ring has the presidential seal on the outside and an inscription on the inside: “J.B.K. to J.F.K.”

lee harvey oswald wedding ring

3. Lee Harvey Oswald’s Wedding Ring – $108,000

This is the same wedding band Oswald left at his wife’s bedside on the morning of the assassination. In 2013, Oswald’s widow decided to put it up for auction, because she wanted to symbolically let go of her past.

sixth floor window jfk

Next on the list might have been a controversial window from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository (now, the Sixth Floor Museum). The thing is, some JFK enthusiasts said it wasn’t the one Lee Harvey Oswald shot from. No way to know if that affected the bids. It reached $140,000, but that wasn’t enough to reach the reserve price on the window. So, it didn’t sell.

John F Kennedy Presidential Limo

2. John F. Kennedy Presidential Limo – $210,000

A bulletproof, 1960 Lincoln Continental Limousine nearly reached the top spot. It was said to be the vehicle JFK used for his personal needs when in Washington, D.C.

john f kennedy november 22 white lincoln continental

1. John F. Kennedy’s November 22nd White Lincoln Continental

This is the very same Lincoln Continental that John F. Kennedy and Jackie rode to their final flight together, from Fort Worth to Dallas. They took car to Carswell Air Force Base on the morning of November 22, 1963.

john f kennedy personal rosary

The item that, technically, fetched the highest bid was John F. Kennedy’s personal rosary. The bidding went up to $325,000, but that bid didn’t mean the reserve price.

*(These numbers are based on the price listed on the RR Auction website when the hammer fell. RR Auction says it will release the official auction results October 25.)


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