Party in the Park: Kylde Warren Park Turns One

Look who’s turning a year old! Klyde Warren Park is celebrating its first birthday this weekend. The festivities started Friday evening, with a simulcast of Winspear’s performance of the opera, Carmen. The party will continue through the span of the weekend.

party in the park 2The park’s addition to Dallas has changed the cityscape, and is becoming a popular gathering spot for the community.

Foosball, food and fun. It’s not a weekend frat party, rather the big celebration marking Klyde Warren Park’s first anniversary.

“It’s something different for Dallas, and it’s bringing a lot more to downtown,” first-time visitor Jay Cain said.

The park is not only changing the landscape of Dallas, it’s changing the overall vibe of downtown city life.

“It really has changed Dallas and it’s been a part of a lot of other changes,” park president Tara Green said. “The park opening a year ago was at the right time. It was meant to be. With all those changes put together, it’s really made Dallas a different place.”

“I think it’s done a lot for the culture, music and it’s brought a lot people out from the outskirts,” frequent visitor Annabelle Heady said.

The park opened last year with one mission in mind:  “bring the community together. It’s just a cross section of Dallas,” Green said.

Now, the unlikely location – a park perched above the busy Woodall Rodgers Freeway – is a cozy escape from the city high rises. The park offers free activities, and is home to new restaurants: Savor and Relish, food trucks, and families lounging on the lawn.

party in the park 3“I think it’s a good spot for it,” Rachel Wynne said. “There wasn’t anything around this area for the business people to come out here during lunch time. I think it’s a great place to meet and hang out.”

“You’ve been to Chicago, New York, cities where people walk around,” Cain added.  “Dallas has never been famous for that – this is a step in that right direction.”

Green said the park is looking to expand its free programs in the coming year. For a list of this weekend’s party events, click here.


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