Ill Children Receive Special Holiday Cheer in Hospital

Being stuck at a hospital during the holidays isn’t fun, especially for children. Yet, on Thursday, the young patients at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth attended a special party, complete with gifts and Christmas carols.

cook childrens 2 “We make sure it’s a normal kind of Christmas,” hospital Director of Family Support Services Jill Koss said.

“They get toys, they get presents, they get to feel some of the excitement that they would if they were at school or at home.”

Christmas at home it isn’t; but it is an escape – at least for the moment. The young patients who were able, gathered in the atrium of the hospital, for the eight annual Christmas Holiday Concert.

“It’s not the best situation, but we try to make it the best for them as we can,” event co-organizer and local country music crooner Sonny Burgess said.

Burgess helped create the popular annual event, and recruits the assistance from his musician friends every year.

“We want to share a little happiness on this time of year and hopefully take them away a little bit.”

Notable singers like Texas legend Charlie Pride and Josh Weathers were in attendance, and lead the children in singing traditional carols. The group shared an afternoon filled with songs and smiles with the children.

cook christmas 1“Being able to sing along and to hear songs that thy know is also therapeutic for the kids, being in the hospital at this time of the year,” Koss said.

Therapeutic and tender; gifts arrived not from the North Pole, rather from the Fort Worth Police Department.  It was a day of giving, sharing and embracing the spirit of the season.

The party continued in the rooms of children who weren’t well enough to leave their beds. Every child received special attention and a stuffed bear on this day reserved for celebration.

“This is what Christmas is all about,” Burgess said with a smile.


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