Naval Officer Comes Home, Surprises Daughter at School

Long-awaited reunions rarely require words; every thought, every emotion is intensely pronounced through unfiltered reactions.

officer surprise 1Bonds of love and friendship are again forged through embraces once faded by time and distance.

In Mesquite, six year old Alyssa Finch didn’t know she, too, would be on the receiving end of a memorable reunion.

“First when I came here, it was 130 days,” the first grader said as she recalled the number of days since she’s seen her father.

“We wanted to surprise Alyssa because she hasn’t seen her dad, talked to her dad in months,” mother Monique Finch explained.

“This goes on all the time. He’s on a submarine, so there’s no contact.”

Alyssa’s father, First Class Petty Officer Machine Mate 1, Junior Finch, came home for the holidays. He spent the better half of the year, away, serving the country in the Navy.

“I’m going to be emotional and happy,” Finch said of his impending reunion with his daughter.

“That’s my road dog, so I’m ready to get to her.”

The surprise reveal happened during Alyssa’s lunch hour. Finch entered the cafeteria, and headed straight to a surprised daughter.

officer surprise 2“Daddy!!” Alyssa exclaimed with excitement. “How ya doin?” her father asked as he tightly embraced his child.

“I missed you. Did I surprise you?”

“I’m glad to be home with you.”

This was one presents that didn’t come from Santa’s sleigh, rather one that came direct from half a world away.


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