Super Saturday Crunch Time: Survival Tips from a Personal Shopper

christmas shopping

Amy Jacobs is like a lot of people these days–cramming in a little last minute shopping, but then again as a personal shopper it’s her job.

The professional has some tips to get the most out of Super Saturday.

“You know,” Amy suggested. “Shop early in the morning, maybe even wait until later after 6:00 or 7:00 because a lot of the stores are going to be open all night long.”

Amy said some stores including Toys R Us will stay open through Christmas Eve so time is really on your side.

If you can’t sleep, shop.

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“If shopping late is best for you and you`re a night owl, then for that because you know people are going to be sleeping while you’re shopping,” Amy said.

But don’t expect Black Friday supply. Amy warned that selection may not be the best but the deals will the best so far this season.

“Right now,” Amy said. “You’re getting the best deals because everyone is trying to push the last amount of the inventory before Black Friday.”

When it comes to any major shopping day if you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail. Before you step out the front door be like Santa and have a list and check it twice.

“I believe that you save time if you make a list of where you need to go and map it out,” Amy said. “That way you’re not going back and forth with all the traffic.”

Amy practices what she preaches. Immediately after our interview she made a b-line to Williams Sonoma to cross another gift off her list.

Now she has a little something for you.

“My biggest gift to give people would be to give patience and be kind to everyone,” Amy said.


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