Adam Lanza: Audio Released of Sandy Hook Shooter

Is this the voice of a cold-blooded killer?

“His attacks can be parallel to the attacks the random acts of violence that you see on your show every week, committed by humans which the mainstream also has no explanation for. An actual human I don’t think it would be such a stretch to say he very well could be a teenage mall shooter or something like that.” That’s the voice of Adam Lanza, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

A cover story includes what is purported to be recently uncovered audio from a year before the 20-year-old committed one of the deadliest mass murders in American history.

The audio is from an Oregon college radio show called ‘Anarchy Radio.’ The man the paper identifies as Lanza wanted to discuss the death of a domesticated chimp, named Travis, with radio host and self-proclaimed anarchist John Zerzan.

“I think the subtext of what he is saying is that violence is innate and instinctual to humans and really should not be punished because it is their natural basis; that’s the message he’s trying to get across and the parallel to himself is obvious. He feels possessed by this need this compulsion to commit violence,” Zerzan said.

Lanza’s father, Peter, says he’s willing to release any medical records he can related to his son.

A month ago, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission said it’s vital to have access to more information about Lanza’s mental health history.


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