Dallas North Tollway the Hardway: Construction Closures will Cause Weekend Delays


If plan on using the Dallas North Tollway to go shopping, maybe at the Galleria or to the Mavericks game on Saturday brace yourself for a traffic nightmare and here’s why.

The old Interstate 635 lanes above the Dallas North Tollway are being dismantled. It will take 5 phases to get it done with alternating closures at various times.

Both lanes will be closed or reduced to one lane between Harvest Hill road and Spring Valley.

Which is exactly where 7- Eleven Manager Louis Carollo works–including tomorrow morning. He has no idea how he’ll get to work.

“I’m not really 100% sure I know how I’m going to go,” Louis said while he looked out the window. “Hopefully I’ll just be able to use the U-turn right there but if I’m not able to I’m going to have to come over here off of Montfort and come the back way.”

Down the tollway is the Galleria which will have more traffic officers to help customers navigate the construction and find park.

The Galleria also suggested the project take place this weekend because after holiday shopping in late January is usually slower anyway.

Heather DeLapp is the spokesperson for Trinity Infrastructure the company behind the $2.7 billion project.

“There will be delays this weekend and there will be traffic backups at interval times,” DeLapp said. “We’ll either have northbound or southbound Dallas North Tollway shutdown but not at the same time but regardless it’s going to be reduced capacity along those lanes so you can expect delays.”

Back at the 7- Eleven Louis is used to giving directions to customers but this weekend though he’s not sure if business will be good or bad and when it comes to traffic, he doesn’t need a map, he needs a crystal ball.

“I really don’t know how bad it’s going to be to be honest with you,” Louis said.

Crews will work overnights from 9 p.m. to noon. The LBJ Express project is expected to be completed in December 2015.


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