Auto Shows Drive Sales

2014 Expedition

The DFW Auto Show kicked off Wednesday at the Dallas Convention Center. More than 400-thousand people are expected to attend. You know who’s even more excited than those going? The Dealers.

The DFW Auto Show has hundreds of shiny reasons for people to stop by. Like a $1.8 million Pagani. It’s a chance to check out all of the newest models the auto industry has to offer, all in one place. The Dallas show is one of the largest in the country. Ford even unveiled it’s new Expedition in Big D this year.

“The great thing about coming to the auto show, is you can see every make and model side-by-side,” said Don Herring Jr, chairman of the DFW Auto Show.

People don’t come just to oogle. Many come to shop.

“You have everything in one place. Whether you’re looking at pickups or you want a Nissan or a Toyota or whatever, they’re here,” said Ken Dobbs, looking at the 2014 Chevy Spark.

“This really kicks of the selling season for us in North Texas,” said Herring.

According to Foresight Research, 27 percent of all new car buyers in the DFW area visited an auto show before buying. That’s the highest percentage in the country.

That’s partly why dealers know this show can be so important.

“I’ve even had people come out and look at the car here and follow a salesman back to the dealership, or go straight from here to the dealership,” said Herring.


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