Barry Carpenter

Barry Carpenter



Last meal on death row: I would start with Angus beef, end with zucchini and sample a food item in alphabetical order in between. Then chew slowly and consider dessert.

Favorite Viral Video: Anything with the word ‘fail’ in the title. TV Gold.

Favorite Saved by the Bell star: Saved By the Bell? What’s that?

Favorite DFW late-night food: Same as my favorite early-morning food: Cereal.

Mavs vs. Cowboys? I’m a 49ers fan from California so it’s not the Cowboys. Mavs win by default.

Johnny Depp Willy Wonka or Gene Wilder Willy Wonka? Johnny Depp. I can’t remember if Gene Wilder was good or not.

What do the snozberries taste like? I have no idea.

Favorite CW33 show? The truth? Reaper, sadly it lasted about 10 episodes and is not on anymore.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate but I really prefer chocolate and vanilla twist.

High five or fist bump? Fist bump. More sanitary.

Food Trucks: yum or yuck? I lived on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands for a bit and they used to call them Roach Coaches but the food was GREAT! Yum it is.

Secret celebrity crush? Next question.

Fad you are embarrassed you are embarrassed you got into? I’ve got nothing.

Fad you are embarrassed you are embarrassed you got into? I’ve got nothing.

Best DFW tradition? Pride in the Texas Star. It is everywhere. On the flag, on buildings, on license plates and football helmets. Pretty impressive.

Best superpower? Time travel. Is that a superpower? If not, it should be.

If you could be on a reality show, which one? Survivor. I’m in TV news so it’s kind of like that anyway.

13: Lucky or unlucky? I wore the number 13 in high school sports, never had a problem.

Superstitions? No.

Tell Us Your Story: I got into television by accident. I really wanted to be the San Francisco Giants play-by-play announcer but since they’ve only had a handful since I’ve been alive that was NEVER going to happen. I started in radio, which made TV news a logical next step.  I’ve been able to cover some of the most amazing stories that I will always remember. The contested 2000 presidential election. The space shuttle explosion. Hurricanes, tornadoes and so many other that I can’t count. TV can make an impact. I recall doing a story on a service dog for the blind that ended up having hip problems and could no longer be considered to do the job. The dog needed expensive hip replacement surgery and after the story aired people donated money and the dog got his new hip. I have a picture of that dog on my desk to remind me that I can actually inform and make a difference. It’s been a great ride and one that I could have not done without my wife, Debra, who has followed me from Redding, California to Roswell, New Mexico to El Paso, Texas to Tucson, Arizona to Dallas, Texas. What a trouper.

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