Candice Stinnett

Candice Stinnett


Candice StinnettLast meal on death row:  I want to try every kind of food there is on this planet. Picky has never been in my vocabulary so any meal is okay with me as long as it begins and ends with a side of ice cream.

Favorite Viral Video: Evolution of dance!

Favorite Saved by the Bell star:  So jeally of Kelly Kapowski! And of course a major crush on Zack Morris.

Favorite DFW late-night food:  Whataburger breakfast after dark is where it’s at.

Mavs vs. Cowboys? Put me at the game of any sport and I will leave with a hoarse voice and sore feet.

Johnny Depp Willy Wonka or Gene Wilder Willy Wonka? Old school all the way. The movie should have never been remade. My heart stands with Gene Wilder.

What do the snozberries taste like? The snozberries taste like snozberries!

Favorite CW33 show? Taking it back old school again.. 7th Heaven is a classic.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, please.. I’ll always pick the one with the most flavor.

High five or fist bump? The high five happens daily.

Food Trucks: yum or yuck? I could spend all day at a food truck park.

Boxers or briefs? Mix ‘em up.. boxerbriefs.

Secret celebrity crush? Barry Weiss on Storage Wars.. his eccentric personality always has me smiling.

Fad you are embarrassed you got into? The 90′s – In middle school wearing shorts with tube socks that we pulled all the way up to our knees. I would gladly bring back the 80′s any day.

Team Jacob or Team Edward? Never got into the whole vampire thing.

Best DFW tradition? From the Prairie of Lights to the Stockyards to the Christmas lighting in downtown Fort Worth and Big D NYE! Every tradition is the best!

First thing you would do if you woke up a member of the opposite sex?  Naked jumping jacks.

Best superpower? The best superheroes are the ones without superpowers.. Iron Man makes me happy.

If you could be on a reality show, which one? One that tests your physical strength like Amazing Race, Wipeout or Ninja Warrior!

13: Lucky or unlucky? It is what you make of it.

Superstitions? They are fun but never taken seriously.

Backstory: I Am Second; wife; mother; 27-year-old; three-time cancer survivor; aspiring sports/news reporter; Runner; health & fitness junkie; sports fanatic; foodie. The entire Internet cannot hold everything there is to know about me, the love I have for life, and my ambitions, goals and dreams. Peace, Love & Glitter.

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