Doug Magditch

Doug Magditch


Last meal on death row: Cake. Let me eat cake.

Favorite Viral Video: Evolution of dance. I love a classic.

Favorite DFW late-night food: Blue Sushi happy hour. Or In-N-Out.

Favorite CW33 show? Simpsons

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

High five or fist bump? High five, all the way!

Food Trucks: yum or yuck? I like every one I’ve visited, and it’s a long list.

Tell Us Your Story: I grew up in the St. Louis suburbs (NoCo!) and got my degree at Missouri State University. I started in news in 2004, working in southwest Florida and southwest Missouri. I started in DFW started in 2011. I love the winters. The jury’s still out on the summers. When not reporting, I’m a runner and yogi. I also love spending time finding out everything the Metroplex has to offer. Send me your story ideas!

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