Last meal on death row: Being that I’m lactose intolerant, every stinkin’ dairy item I can think of… then hope I don’t get a reprieve.

Favorite Viral Video: Whichever Shrum says I have to watch.

Favorite Saved by the Bell star: What is a Saved by the Bell?

Favorite DFW late-night foodLast call in Frisco is 11:40… so I’m kinda screwed on the whole “late-night” thing.

Mavs vs. Cowboys? That would make for a helluva fight.

Johnny Depp Willy Wonka or Gene Wilder Willy Wonka? Don’t know what the hell you’re asking me on this one.

What do the snozberries taste like? Like frozen schenkentarts only not as sour.

Beer or liquor? Beer, ok. Liquor? Don’t even know her.

Favorite CW33 show? I like your shirt.

Chocolate or vanilla? Yes.

High five or fist bump? Is this a sexual question?

Food Trucks: yum or yuck? Who doesn’t love a good roach coach?

Boxers or briefs? Commando.

Secret celebrity crush? They all love me.

Fad you are embarrassed you are embarrassed you got into?  Parachute pants and Z Cavariccis. Google it.

Team Jacob or Team Edward? I prefer my fruit off the tree.

Best DFW tradition?  The yearly burning of Big Tex.

First thing you would do if you woke up a member of the opposite sex?  Become the Indiana Jones of my bedroom… and go exploring.

Best superpower? Well, it seems with the decline of the former Soviet Union that that would only leave the United States as a viable answer. However, with China’s emergence, not only on the military, but more importantly financial world stage, it seems that the communist state is quickly becoming a player in the world of global superpower.

If you could be on a reality show, which one?  I am on one now.

13: Lucky or unlucky? Depends? Charges filed or lotteries won?

Superstitions? Filling out online questionnaires…. Nice shirt, by the way.

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